Elizabeth Kirkley Best, PhD: Director

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Dr. Elizabeth Kirkley Best
1410 Division Street. Manitowoc, WI 54220
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NOTE: This is not a large organization or museum, but an online curriculum project. The address is a mailing address and not an institutional address.

Dr. Elizabeth K. Best holds a doctorate from the University of Florida in Research Psychology and has specialized in Thanatological Issues and Studies of the Self since 1978. Recent studies and interests include: Christian Theological and Biblical Studies, Judaic studies and Anti-Semitism; Children in the Shoah and the Roles and reaction of the Church body politic in the Shoah. Her studies in Bereavement,Death Anxiety and other topics are published inOmega: Journal of Death and Dying; American Journal of Orthopsychiatry; Death Studies(formerly Death Education); The International Journal of Family Psychiatry and Psychology and Pastoral Care as well as others. She currently directs The Shoah Education (Web) Project and is developing "ShoahRose" A site on the Church in the Shoah; and a site on Anti-Semitism, neo-nazism, and the Church, and is editing a new journal, under development called Journal of Church & Genocide. She has taught previously at University of Toledo, NEOU College of Medicine; U of Tennessee: Chattanooga; UNF and U of Florida. She has written in the area of perinatal bereavement and Problems in the "Disease" or Medical Model of Grief; with presentations at the American Psychological Association and National Forum for Death Education and Counseling. Dr. Best is currently working independently on the Shoah Education Curriculum presented here. She is also the author of "Thoughts and News, a news blog on Ethics, the Holocaust and evangelical issues, and has written independently on ethics and safety on the web.

Sarah Rose Best

Sarah Rose Best holds an A.A. from Tyndale University in Michigan and is continuing studies in Christian Thought. Designing the original website in 1997; she continued in aiding the ongoing research behind the project. She has also specialized in Deaf Studies and is an articulate sign-language interpreter in Church ministries and the public school arena. She has worked with Children's Resources in California designing web resources, and continues in a variety of ministry and computer design projects.

Brendan J. Best

While Brendan's main interests are not in holocaust studies, he has been most valuable as a technical advisor to the project: especially since 1998, revamping our formerly "primitive" HTML scripting into CSS and better scripting (!) and has helped in the re-design of several graphics; in addition to help with site statistics and registry/advertising. His main interests are Music Theory and Composition, Piano, and Computer/Internet Design. He has also aided in research in the area of Music & Composers in the Shoah.

Dr. Irven Resnick & Ms. Tzipporah Altman-Shaeffer: former Advisors-1997