Dangerous Doctrines

The War Is Not Over

A common question asked of those who study the holocaust is, "When did the War end?" The questioner, looking for a time or date or place, wants a limit or threshold: the War ended here...the war ended then, The answer to the question, "When did the war end, when did the Shoah end?" is "It did not end". It is seen in every anti-semitic feeling, every tiny hatred. It bred and became silent and went underground. The Shoah turned more 'tempestuous', as in 1968 when the tanks rolled into Prague and free speech was silenced.

As Dubcek disappeared, voices in Warsaw Krakow & Lodz, the few Jewish voices left in Poland recognized the signals of ominous change and began to speak out, mostly in the Universities. They were branded

The Most Dangerous Doctrines in Christianity

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Replacement or Dominion Theology:

the belief that the Church has replaced Israel as the chosen of God; that the Church may take dominion over any and all as its God given right Read More...

British Israelism:

the notion that Anglo-Saxons have replaced the lost tribes of Israel.Read More...


these beliefs, prevalent among Baptists and Presbyterians; re that the Jewish nation is currently cut off by God and cannot be granted salvation in the same way as gentiles; the belief that Jewish persons even in the fulness of belief do not inherit Heaven, but a new earth or refurbished earth, or the belief that Jewish persons must do more than receive the grace of God in salvation but at further times must also earn their way into heaven ( salvation) Read More...


the belief that we are living in a post-millenial period, in which the descriptions of The Tribulation and other Revelation accounts have already occurred. Read More...


the belief that the idea of a 1000 year reign of Christ is Metaphor; without a literal Messianic return,and that the Church stands in Proxy as Christ's representation on earth. Read More...

Sacrificial Atonement & the Shoah:

the belief that the holocaust had to happen for Israel to come about. Read More...

Root Race Theory

The belief that humankind descended from a more primitive, 'root-race' and that as this root race is replaced by a more 'genetically superior' race (usually Aryan) a worldwide Utopia becomes possible. Variations include that race as descendants of the Atlanteans. Lends toward Master Race thinking and was a prevailing position of Theosophy and the Nazis.Read More...

Biblical translations

Modern Bible Translations, based upon non-traditional,less complete manuscript classes, which degrade the Jew in identity, place in history, status as chosen or destiny and role in God's sovereignty. Views which dismiss: the mystery of the Jews, the Jews as the oracles of God, the dismissal of modern day Jews as not being the descendants of the Hebrews; or the severing of the everlasting covenant status of the Jewish nation.Read More...

The Jews are Not the Jews(?)

The belief that the current ethnic group referred to as the Jews; are not the direct descendants of the Biblical Hebrew nation,the 12 tribes of Jacob. Read More...

Re-interpretations of fringe political views

translated into doctrine: Such as Lost tribes replacing Israel, (See British-Israelism) or 'strangely-applied' prophetic interpretations. Read More...

Culpability of the Jewish nation alone for the death of Christ

The belief that the Jews alone or primarily are responsible for the Death of Christ and therefore deserve the punishment and persecutions they historically received, up to and including the Shoah, or Holocaust. Medieval terms such as "Christ-Killer" come from this long held heresy. Read More...

Palestinian Rights & the Ownership of Israel

A religio-political point of view in which generic 'human rights' supercedes all biblical mandates and teaching most importantly the covenant of the Land given Israel. Many liberal secularists hold this view as well as many major liberal denominations worldwide. Read More...

"Stalinist-Zionists". The idea that the Shoah was forever over was misinformed: Poland's government did not openly show their support, but it was widely known that the emerging Nazi rhetoric and publications and ensuing pogroms could not have been done without their complicity.

Gales became sharper, and prominent Jewish persons were once again in Poland removed from teaching posts, from government positions, from leadership in the arts and communications industries. Over 25,000 fled to freedom, survivors of the Shoah just 23 years afterward, in such tumultuous times that it became clear (and was feared) that the Shoah could have easily re-emerged.

The underlying 'winds' still blows beyond Europe, every time the Jews are degraded to something less than others; everytime someone who does not fit the image of another, e.g. the disabled, the deaf, the blind, the mentally handicapped, persons of color, the poor, is dismissed as not valuable, or even detrimental. Anti-Semitism is the sure barometer of the Gale that lies dormant but is not gone.

Subtle Indoctrination

In a suburbanite Sunday School class, over 20 years ago, my college age daughter had to choose to leave the study, leading to our leaving the church as well. The individual who taught the class expounded on the dangers of rich Jewish bankers and world control, of reform Jews "mongrelizing" the race. This was not a fringe church, nor did these comments represent most of the members, indeed many would have been appalled, but it was taught nonetheless and the Pastor dismissed it as a free speech issue, refusing to have the man step down. He failed to see the danger in such rhetoric. Traditional churches, not openly anti-Semitic, allow a person here, a person there; a piece of bad doctrine, a questionable publication to come into their church or be placed on stands of reading material. At first there is a dismissal of wrong doctrine or personal opinion, then there comes a desensitization, and finally acquiescence, as more and more hard-heartedness leads to the vilest anti-Semitism. Many years later, the person in question repeatedly (with the pastor and church members) sought to block the publication of this site: prejudices and ingrained ideas of racial and doctrinal hatred can sometimes overwhelm otherwise reasonable people. There is a far greater need than most assume to confront 'dangerous doctrines' and other beliefs that lead both to error in the Church, and resulting hate crimes.

Dangerous Doctrines-A Few to Be Discussed

There are additionally doctrines that have lasted for centuries which are still espoused today by mainline denominations which while not overtly anti-Semitic, have as their natural outcome, the degradation or dismissal of the Jewish nation all the while espousing a Jewish savior. Each of these will be considered. When we begin to talk of negative aspects of persons doctrines, we know we are treading on difficult ground, as wars have been started on issues such as doctrinal differences. We ask that the reader consider carefully whether the doctrine they have held even for generations is biblical, or whether it is convention, and prayerfully ask the reader to consider the outcome and effect of dangerous doctrines.

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Characteristics of Doctrines Which Degrade, Dismiss, Replace or Erase the Jews

While each of the "Dangerous Doctrines" mentioned bear some similarities, each also are distinctly different. Some of the doctrines, such as "Replacement Theology", Amillenialism, Post-millenialism and culpability doctrines are widely disbursed throughout churches of otherwise differing theological bases. Some are lesser wide-spread, such as British-Israelism, but form the base for many if not most White Aryan Churches which actively promote open prejudice and/or violence against the Jews. Some are hardly considered at all, such as fringe doctrines or biblical translations, and yet un-named and recognized they wind their way into contemporary theological thinking and training without consideration. Following are some characteristics which most "Dangerous Doctrines" share.

The Characteristics of "Dangerous Doctrines"

  1. They defrock the Jews as the 'Chosen' of God, usually replacing the Church, however defined.
  2. They dismiss or 'adjust' the identity of the Jews as a Race, Culture, Nation or Religion.
  3. Some break genealogical ties of modern Jews to the Hebrews or Children of Israel of the Old Testament.
  4. Most denigrate the Biblical "Mystery of the Jews" (Ephesians) or ignore it all together.
  5. Most denigrate or erase the longstanding Birthright of the Jews to the Land of Israel, while others use it against the Jews. (not all, e.g. some Amillennialists, still hold to the Covenants, while placing Man as proxy to Christ.)
  6. Many Redefine the Equality of the Jews in Redemption or Salvation: They are either required to earn their salvation by the Law (OT), or they are not privy to salvation at all ('cut off' or karet) or they inherit only the earth, and not heaven.

What Makes a Doctrine Dangerous?

Why is the Jewish Nation important in Christian Doctrine? It is because the sovereign plan of God integrally includes the Jews: their name means "Praise", they are set apart as the saints (kodeshim or holy ones), as the Gates of the New Jerusalem, and as the inheritors of the Covenants, Oracles, The Word, The Messiah and Salvation. (Romans 9-12) Their destination by FAITH is the same as Christians, though all must come through Messiah. The 'slumbering' referred to in Romans is not a 'cutting-off' of the Jews as is so often interpreted, but a suspension of belief while the fulness of the Gentiles comes in, at which point they take their place as rightful heirs to the promises, in covenant and belief.(Romans 9-12)

A doctrine of any sort becomes dangerous when any part of God's sovereign plan becomes thwarted, twisted, redefined in secular or spiritual terms, or omitted. The doctrines listed on this page, often use a deceptive and subterranean sophistry to develop their arguments: they include real scriptures, and real truths, developing them for the listener first, and then make 'pitch' for their particular line of reasoning, often using doctrine and scriptures out of context or ascribing to them a 'hidden' or esoteric meaning that only a select few are privy to.

"Dangerous Doctrines" are often subtle but even brief study on the topics can alert persons to their major warning points. A main characteristic of true doctrine, is that it does not involve coercion: while one may attempt to argue or prove a doctrinal point, the listener is left to freely decide without pressure. While not all "dangerous doctrines" coerce belief, many do: some become even cult-like in their determined efforts to win converts. Our main aim in this section, is not to merely warn about caustic beliefs or cultish beliefs, many sites have been devoted to that topic, but to particularly look at the doctrines which lend themselves to anti-semitism. Many of these doctrines are not 'blantantly' anti-semitic but most have what happens to the Jews or who they are as a central issue. Some, such as British Israelism claim that the Jews of today are not the Jews of yesterday: this allows for an easy dismissal. Others seem them as overtly or covertly as inferior or evil, a race which is either dying out, not heir to salvation or the promises of God, or at least not like others, or outright evil. The introduction of these concepts and others like them into the Church body often forms itself first in doctrinal arguments.

While many churches have well defined doctrines that change little from generation to generation, i.e. Methodists, Southern Baptists, Presbyterian/Reform, and so on, two difficulties may occur which can give rise to the growth of "dangerous doctrines" in a congregation. One is a congregation with ill-defined doctrine, or 'open doctrine' (one church has as their motto "No doctrine but Christ") which sounds laudable, but may lead to an oblique mix of doctrinal positions and hence division) and the second problem is a church with doctrine of centuries, where there is blind or implicit acceptance of the doctrines without question

These modern day doctrinal dangers will be examined each in turn. Older doctrines and doctrines which are not currently at issue will be examined under the rubric of the CHURCH AND THE SHOAH. Look for more information on these topics shortly.

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