Facts & History in the Shoah, or Holocaust

"The Darkness was so great, they could not see one another"1

Causes, Reasons, Definitions

Before the Shoah

Before the Shoah:documents

einsatzgruppen mass executions

Endlosung-the final solution

Homeland:Israel and the Jews

historical documents:a jewish homeland

Famous People, Places, Events & Decrees


The Nazis & the 3rd Reich

Shoah & the News


Evidence & Revisionism

Civil Liberties

Symbols, Badges, Medals

Children & Shoah

Religion & the Shoah

Dangerous Doctrines

Source Documents:Nazis and the Church

Ghettos & Trains

Shoah: Art, Music & Literature

Understanding the Shoah

After the Holocaust

War Crimes Trials


Blood Libel and Anti-Semitism

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The Killing & Atrocity Centers(Camps)

Polish,German,Soviet & European Camps


Essential to every understanding of the Holocaust, or Shoah, is the understanding of the History, Places and People which form the structural framework of the times in which the Shoah occurred. The German Word, Zeitgeist meaning literally 'ghost of the times' or spirit of the times alerts us to the necessity of understanding that the overwhelming events of Shoah were colored by the Politics of the time, the Way the Germans and others understood the World and the descriptions of that world around them, both literal and figurative. Below, you will find links to sections of this Page which help provide an understanding of the Shoah. Please feel free to use the information provided, freely: We only ask that appropriate credit be noted.
1997,2003Elizabeth K. Best, PhD; Shoah Education Project (Web)

1Torah & KJV: The Book of Exodus